AOLCPs – please re-accredit at the first of each year using the form below.

The requirements to maintain your NOFA Accreditation in Organic Land Care is to complete 4 hours of continuing education per year and pay a re-accreditation fee of either $75 or $150 depending on your needs. You can read about the levels of accreditation here.

Each April, the NOFA Organic Land Care Program conducts an audit of continuing education hours; therefore, make sure you keep some type of proof of your attendance (ex. a receipt, this re-accreditation form, an email notification, etc.). You do not need to submit proof of your continuing education when you pay your re-accreditation fee. If your name comes up in the yearly audit, we will ask you to send confirmation.

The NOFA Accreditation Program in Organic Land Care is the only organization that offers credentials in organic landscaping based on a set of standards that are accepted by IFOAM (the International Federation for Organic Agricultural Movements). Because the words ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ are not regulated terms in the context of landscaping, it is important for the industry to maintain a set of principles, practices, definitions, and credentials for organic land management. The NOFA Organic Land Care Program maintaines the Standards for Organic Land Care and the NOFA Accreditation Program to achieve this.