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Annual AOLCP Reaccreditation Process

The AOLCP credential must be maintained and renewed annually, by fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Paying the $110 reaccreditation fee to NOFA OLC
  • Completing at least 4 hours of continuing education
  • Reaffirming your commitment to practice organic land care according to the principles and practices outlined in the Standards for Organic Land Care and by the Organic Land Care Program.

Use the AOLCP portal to check the status and expiration date of your current accreditation and to reaccredit. If your accreditation has lapsed for more than one year, please contact us before you reaccredit.

Accreditation and the Organic Land Care Guide Business Listing

Remember that accreditation is achieved by an individual, not a business! If the individual’s accreditation lapses, the business listing will be removed.

When you reaccredit, we suggest that you also check your business listing on the Organic Land Care Guide. If the information is accurate, you don’t need to do anything. If you do need to alter your listing, please submit changes here.

What Does Your Annual Fee Support?

The $110 annual re-accreditation fee supports OLC in its mission to provide accreditation and training to professionals and to educate the public on the value of organic land care.

With accreditation you gain access to the following benefits:

  • Use of the name Accredited Organic Land Care Professional or AOLCP
  • Use of NOFA OLC and AOLCP branded marketing materials
  • Business listing in the client-facing Organic Land Care Guide
  • Organic business-focused job board
  • Free admission to OLC’s advanced workshops
  • Free access to a growing video archive of recorded classes, workshops, and seminars, including from the CT NOFA Winter Conference 
  • Discounted and priority admission for employees to the Accreditation Course

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