How do I use this search site?

If you know the name of the professional you are seeking, you may enter their first and last name. Example: Type Jenna Messier into the search bar.

Most often you are searching for an unknown professional in your area. The best way to use this search site is to use the icons below the Search Bar.

category icon The button on the left, called Categories, allows you to search for arborists, landscape architects and designers, landscapers, speakers/writers, or suppliers/other businesses.

Location by StateThe middle button  allows you to search by state. In the case of CT and MA, you can also search by county due to the quantity of professionals in these states.  We have professionals in over 15 states.

RadiusThe right button, allows you to use geo-location to find an AOLCP within the specified radius of your current location. You will have to allow the website to locate your position for this function to work. You will also have to move the arrow to the specified radius. It would be reasonable to search for a landscaper within a 10 mile radius when looking for regular maintenance. For a special project, you may widen your search.

What is an AOLCP

An Accredited Organic Land Care Professional (AOLCP) is someone who has taken the 30-hour "NOFA Accreditation Course in Organic Land Care", has passed the accreditation exam, and earns continuing education credits each year.  By taking this course, each professional has studied the NOFA Standards for Organic Land Care and understands the principles and practices that a land care professional would offer a client who requests organic land care services.  This search site offers the opportunity for you to find an AOLCP in your area.

What are the details in each profile?

We will list the year in which each professional was Accredited in our program.

We are also asking AOLCPs if they offer 100% Organic Services or if they run a Split Business.  A split business means that they offer traditional land care services and also have an organic services portion of the business.  If a business employs more than one AOLCP, we will list this information as well.

Most Business-Level AOLCPs have a website. Some will also use social media and we will provide links to their accounts if it is provided. On most profiles, you will also be able to view pictures of the AOLCP's  work.

If you call an AOLCP and inquire about their services, please tell them you found them on the NOFA AOLCP Searchable Database!