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Continuing Education

AOLCPs must obtain annual continuing education credits to maintain accreditation status. They are required to submit a completed re-accreditation form with evidence of 4 (four) hours of approved continuing education credits, signed off by course instructors OR evidence of 2 (two) hours of teaching organic land care. (Teaching credits must be approved in advance by the OLC Credit Subcommittee.)

How do I get my continuing education credits?

  • There is a list of credit opportunities on our course offerings page
  • You can submit a course for credit approval, and we’ll let you know how many AOLCP credits the program has earned.
  • If the end of the year is coming up, and you need all  your credits, you can attend our Annual Gathering for 6 credits and the extra two credits can carry over to the following year of accreditation (this transfer of credits to the following year is only allowed with the Annual Gathering).

How do I host an event with AOLCP Credits?

  • Visit our Accreditation Approval Page or submit the online form.
  • Upon credit approval please print The Reaccreditation Form for each attending Accredited Organic Professional.
  • Conference Format: Please make the form available in the beginning of the day, so AOLCPs can get instructor signatures if there are separate classes through out the day.
  • Class/Workshop/Closed Program Format: If there is just one contatined class or program, the course organizer can hold onto the Form, sign under “Signature of Instructor” and give AOLCPs their form at the end of the day or event (after they have attended all the required program for credit).

How does NOFA OLC award credits to events?

Any workshop or seminar seeking to provide approved credit-hours must enhance or expand upon the scope of the Standards and/or course materials. No basic material will be accepted.

One of the following criteria must be met for full credit (One credit-hour per hour of education.)

  •  Attending in its entirety any OLC committee originated program, or another program endorsed by the OLC committee, that entirely follows, enhances and expands upon the Standards and/or course materials.
  •  Full credit for a non-OLC committee originated program can be awarded to the presenter or student upon submission of a written outline/handout of the course in question that substantiates the organic content to be fully compatible with, and enhances and expands upon, the OLC Standards and Course materials. It is the responsibility of the presenter or student to seek authorization from the OLC Committee for full credit.

The following criteria must be met for half credit (1/2 credit-hour per hour of education). It is responsibility of the presenter or student to seek authorization from the OLC committee for half credit.

  •  The content enhances and/or expands upon the OLC Standards and/or course materials; prohibited item(s) may be discussed but are not recommended as a preferred practice, and organic alternatives (if any) are equally discussed.
  •  IPM that stresses organic, ecological/natural methods and materials without recommending prohibited item(s) as preferred practice.

The following criteria will provide No Credit (Zero credit-hours per hour of education).

  •  Any program that promotes any prohibited substance
  •  Any program that is self-promoting, or designed to sell products, methods or materials, whether overtly or covertly
  •  Any program or workshop that does not otherwise abide by the above criteria.

The following criteria will provide Double Credit (two credit-hours per hour of presentation).

  • An AOLCP who presents a full credit workshop or course.

The more emphasis on ORGANIC methods/treatments/control the more likely the course/program is to receive full credit. For more information, contact the NOFA OLC staff at info@organiclandcare.net.