At Harrington’s Organic Land Care, we are committed to creating a safer, healthier, greener environment. Since 1987!

Going Organic means first understanding how plants really grow in nature, and then fully supporting that natural growing system. We do this by promoting life in the soil with natural organic materials. Chemically treated landscapes are far from natural. In fact, chemicals practically eliminate all the biological life in the soil that plants require to grow and be healthy. When it comes to organic land care, it works quite differently.

Organic land care treats and helps support the life in the soil while chemicals feed the plant directly. Unlike chemically treated landscapes, we do not stop the plants natural ability to establish itself as a stable self-sustaining crop by using man-made chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. Rather, using organics, we support the natural growing process.

Our family-owned business has its roots in Connecticut’s. We are well known to our neighbors, who are often our clients. We offer organic lawn, tree and shrub care services, soil testing, consulting, training, educational talks, seminar. We sell organic fertilizer, soil amendments and equipment.

International services also include soil testing, organic land care products, consulting and training for professional “Organic Pros.”


Our Address:

70 Highland Park Drive Bloomfield CT 06002-1354


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