The Figure Ground Studio provides architecture, landscape architecture, and creative sustainability consulting services in the Hudson Valley, New York, Rhode Island, and Oregon. Client consultation combined with careful observation of natural systems and cultural context inform beautiful, innovative, and integrally restorative designs, which incorporate the skills of local artisans, craftsmen, and tradespeople.

Erin J Muir, founding partner of the Figure Ground Studio, is passionate about connecting people to the outdoor environment through Landscape Architecture. Combining a love for plants, an artist’s sense of beauty and proportion, well honed technical expertise, and a respect for ecological systems, Erin works with clients to create inspiring outdoor spaces. Erin spent many years working in New England designing large estates where she gained valuable perspective on creating gardens that respond to the historical and cultural context of architecture and place. A love of the outdoors and a need for innovation brought Erin to Portland, Oregon where she was steeped in a culture pushing the boundaries of sustainability and regenerative design.  Erin is currently enjoying working in the picturesque Hudson Valley in Cold Spring, NY. Erin is invigorated by the design process and truly enjoys working with clients to bring their dreams to reality.