GreeneMeadow Engineering provides Forest, Watershed & Construction Engineering, and Organic Land Care, so as to enhance ecological and social justice, create stable and meaningful careers and an equitable work environment.

Engineering Services:

1. Forest Engineering. Design of harvest systems, landings, roads, skid trails, and water crossings that promote Old-growth Forest Characteristics.

2. Regenerative Engineering. Integration of human land-use and natural systems into a living fabric that generate mutual benefits and greater overall expression of life and resilience. Adaptive stormwater management practices, and site planning that mimics natural hydrologic characteristics, recognize that the site is a complex and dynamic system with a distinctive character arising from its underlying landform and the climatic, ecological, historical, and social forces that have shaped it.

3. Creek and Hillside Biotechnical Engineering. Enhance and protect water and land habitats, provide aesthetic value, and facilitate natural revegetation.

4. Riparian Buffer and Hedgerow Networks

5. Stream Geomorphic Assessment employing the Leopold, Rosgen and Montgomery-Buffington approaches.

6. Construction & Forestry Pollution Management. Erosion & Sediment Control Plans

7. Low Volume Roadways

8. Water Crossings

9. Topographic Surveying

Organic Land Care Services:

1. Apothecary and Culinary Herb Gardens

2. Conversion of Lawns to Meadows

3. Forest Gardening

4. Green Infrastructure: Rain Gardens, Rainwater Harvesting Systems, Stormwater Planters, Tree and Shrub Planting

5. Energy Resonators: Medicine Wheels and Geoglyphs

6. Native Edibles Agroforestry

7. Rural Property Restoration

8. Trails

9. Urban Farming

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