Andy Covell is the owner of Bird House Ecological Landscaping, and is an experienced landscaper and NOFA Accredited Organic Land Care Professional. Andy is the former owner of the Bird House Garden Center in Boxborough MA, where he provided landscaping services to clients for many years. You will be working directly with the owner, as Andy works on every Bird House project.

Our ecological approach to landscaping is based on an understanding of how plants grow and thrive in nature, their vital roles in their ecosystem, and supporting that natural system through the use of native plants and safe, effective gardening practices and products.

Bird House’s programs are based on the following principles:

  • Maintaining soil health. Healthy, biologically active soil is essential for healthy plants.

  • Improving the health of the ecosystem by using native plants that provide vital life resources for animals, birds, and insects.

  • Using good care and maintenance practices to encourage the growth of healthy plants and reduce the need for irrigation, fertilization, and chemical treatments.

  • Plant health depends on growing the right plant in the right place, with growing conditions appropriate to the needs of the plant. 


Our Address:

PO Box 842 West Acton MA 01720-0842


42.47508001226348, -71.4747473619035

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