Ginger Creek Nursery in the tiny town of Norfolk, Conn. (1,500 residents in winter; 2,200 in summer) was founded on principles of least toxic and more natural approaches to horticulture and property management.
Pradhan was accredited by NOFA in 2006 (New Haven, CT course) and “immediately decided to go 100 percent organic with my practices.” He learned to brew compost tea and ran a retail nursery on the weekends for about two years before deciding the time commitment was too much and focusing entirely on his design and installation work for clients.
“Originally the business was pretty traditional, then drifted more into woodland gardens, water features, alpine gardens using locally grown plants and some of my own. I start a lot from seed for my clients. I have a pretty sophisticated clientele – they want organic stuff, they don’t want toxins on their lawns. It was an easy transition for me to get them on board,” he said. Pradhan aims to educate his clients, encouraging them to have less lawn and more plantings, food gardens or specialty gardens.
We offer:
• Consultations
• Design
• Installation
• Maintenance
• Invasive Plants Inventory and Control
• Full Service Contracts
• Compost Tea and Compost
• Walls
• Walks
• Patios
• Water Features
• Drip Irrigation
• Trellis/Pergola
Fruit and Ornamental Trees/Shrubs
• Alpine/Rain Gardens
• Meadow/Woodland
• Perennial Borders
• Vegetable/Herb
• Containers
• Organic Products


Our Address:

764 North Street Norfolk CT 06058-1018


42.03985782852412, -73.21452355531028

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